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Hey! I'm Nick, a software developer and passionate drummer based in Nashville, TN. Over the last 5 years, I had an exciting journey as a drummer and co-producer in a professional indie pop band. I also served as the band's technical advisor and playback/lighting technician. This experience allowed me to meld my love for music and tech, cultivating a deep-seated passion for software development. Leveraging my experience in music and hospitality, I recently graduated from Nashville Software School's intensive Full Stack Software Development program. I've been privileged to work on several exciting projects, like SamplStak, a platform for users to browse and collect audio samples, and GearHead, a gear tracking app for musicians. These experiences have honed my skills in various technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Python, and Django. In my personal life, I am happily married and a proud father to a 10-month-old. Our family is made complete by Moose, our lovable Great Pyrenees/Husky mix. My Faith, Family and music are my greatest joys and the driving force behind my career transition to software development. As a software developer, I strive to create applications that resonate with users, much like a good song does with its audience. My background in music has taught me the beauty of collaboration, creativity, and the magic of an amazing 'performance' - be it on stage or on a server.




TypescriptReactDjangoTailwind CSS

SamplStak is a platform that offers music producers an intuitive and user-friendly way to manage their drum samples. The DRF server at the core of this platform provides powerful features that enable users to upload, manage, and share their samples with ease. With streamlined file uploads, dynamic filtering, and the ability to save favorite samples to a personal collection, users can easily find and share the perfect samples to elevate their productions. Users are able to manage their own sample and drumkit collections, allowing them to upload, edit, and delete their own samples and drumkits. These features provide users with a comprehensive and customizable platform that streamlines the process of music production.



GearHead is a way to add, edit, update, and delete all of your gear purchases through its lifespans. Users will start by creating their account with their basic information and selecting their instrument. Then users can view a list of all of their currently owned pieces of gear, add a new piece of gear, add unowned gear to their wishlist, mark and filter which pieces of gear are due for an upgrade, and even view a list of gear that they want in the wishlist view.


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